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Graphics Design Masterclass
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Course Fees :
Offline  : 30,000/-
Online : 6,000/-
Course Length: 3 Months
Certificate: Yes.
  1. Portfolio preparation and review
  2. Final critiques and feedback

Course Curriculum

Month 1: Adobe Photoshop

Week 1: Introduction to Photoshop

  1. Photoshop workspace and tools
  2. Creating and saving documents
  3. Image resolution and color modes
  4. Basic image adjustments

Week 2: Selections and Layers

  1. Selection tools and techniques
  2. Layer management and styles
  3. Layer masks and blending modes
  4. Smart Objects and filters

Week 3: Photo Editing and Retouching

  1. Color correction and adjustment
  2. Retouching and healing tools
  3. Compositing multiple images
  4. Special effects and filters

Week 4: Typography and Text Effects

  1. Adding and formatting text
  2. Text effects and layer styles
  3. Creating banners and posters
  4. Designing social media graphics

Month 2: Adobe Illustrator

Week 1: Introduction to Illustrator

  1. Illustrator workspace and tools
  2. Creating and saving documents
  3. Basic shapes and drawing tools
  4. Color and gradients

Week 2: Working with Paths and Text

  1. Drawing lines and curves
  2. Editing and transforming objects
  3. Typography and text manipulation
  4. Text on a path and text in shapes

Week 3: Illustrations and Logo Design

  1. Drawing vector illustrations
  2. Creating logos and branding
  3. Icon design and infographics
  4. Custom patterns and motifs

Week 4: Infographics and Data Visualization

  1. Creating charts and graphs
  2. Custom infographics
  3. Telling stories with data
  4. Exporting infographics

Month 3: Adobe InDesign

Week 1: Introduction to InDesign

  1. InDesign workspace and tools
  2. Creating and saving documents
  3. Master pages and page numbering
  4. Placing and formatting text

Week 2: Layout and Graphics

  1. Setting up columns and margins
  2. Placing and fitting images
  3. Tables and infographics
  4. Text threading and linking

Week 3: Typography and Styles

  1. Typography and type styles
  2. Text and type on a path
  3. Special characters and glyphs
  4. Designing newsletters and magazines

Week 4: Interactive and Digital Publishing

  1. Creating interactive PDFs
  2. Page transitions and animations
  3. Exporting for digital publishing
  4. Designing ebooks and digital magazines

Week 5: Packaging and Printing

  1. Packaging InDesign files
  2. Exporting PDFs for print
  3. Color management and separations
  4. Prepress and print production

Week 6: Final Projects and Portfolio Development

  1. Students work on individual or group projects that combine skills from Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  2. Portfolio preparation and review
  3. Final critiques and feedback

This three-month course provides a comprehensive introduction to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign, covering necessary skills for image editing, vector graphics, layout design, and print and digital publishing. The course can be tailored and stretched to meet specific learning objectives and the skill level of the student.

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