About Muhammad Abdullah Al Noor, Chief Trainer of TrainerBD.com

Muhammad Abdullah Al Noor is an ICT professional and software developer having 20+ years hands-on experience in creating large ERPs with Oracle. He is an MBA (MIS) and OCP (Oracle Certified Professional). His areas of expertise are Project Management, Software Development with OracleOracle Database Administration, Oracle Database Performance tuning and lead team of Oracle developers and Oracle DBA. He had successfully conducted a good number of sessions on Oracle Database and Programming Training up to advance level.

Message from Muhammad Abdullah Al Noor

Learning Programming Language was never been easier for me. I started to learn Oracle from the Year 2001. At first I learnt Oracle Forms 6i and Oracle Database 8i from Base Ltd. I learnt Oracle Developer 9i and Oracle Database 9i from Oditio IT and later I got training from IBCS-Primax Software. Then I passed all the test of Oracle Certified Professional in the track of Oracle Internet Application Developer and Oracle Certified Associate in the track of Oracle Database Administration. I upgraded myself with Oracle Developer Suite and learnt the new features of Oracle Database. I learnt Linux from DataPark.

On 2002, I joined Meghna Life Insurance Ltd. as a Trainee Programmer in the rank of Assistant Manager. Later I was promoted to Junior Programmer in the rank of Senior Assistant Manager. I worked with Oracle Forms and Oracle Database in Meghna Life Insurance Ltd for about three and half years. I learnt the method of migrating Foxpro data to Oracle Database 8i. By working with Foxpro in Unix, I mastered on Foxpro Language and learnt Unix. I developed so many forms and reports module in Oracle Forms and done Oracle Database Performance tuning. I was the team lead of the Software development team of developing Micro Life Insurance software.

I left Meghna on 2006 and joined Prime Islami Life Insurance Ltd as Senior Executive Officer. Later I was promoted to Joint Assistant Vice President.  I worked with Oracle Database, Forms and Reports in Prime Islami Life Insurance Ltd. Here I was the team leader of Programmers and DBAs. Here I designed 5 software modules of 5 projects of the company. I served Prime four and half years.

On the year 2011 I jumped to Padma Islami Life Insurance Ltd for the post named Assistant General Manager and CTO. On 2014 I was promoted to Deputy General Manager. I worked with Oracle Database in RedHat Linux and Oracle Fusion Middleware in Oracle Linux in Padma Islami Life Insurance Ltd. Here I migrated foxpro and Microsoft Access Data to Oracle Database. I developed dynamic online software named ‘Life Insurance ERP’ and distributed around the country. I developed a system of offline software modules around 70 branches around the country. I also developed software on Payroll Management and Human Resource Management Software. I served 5 and half years at Padma Islami Life Insurance ltd.

On the year 2017, I jumped to Sunflower Life Insurance ltd as CTO or IT-Incharge. I implemented Life Insurance ERP here. I served Sunflower 2 and half years. I developed software modules on Oracle Apex also.

On the year 2020, I established Noors Technology, here I developed so many Web Application in Oracle Apex. Here I developed :
1 – Business Management Systems
2 – Education Management Systems
3 – Garments ERP
4 – Hospital Management Systems
5 – Training Center Management Systems
6 – Manpower Management Systems
7 – Student Consultancy Management Systems
8 – Mega Shop Management Systems
9 – Automobile Workshop Management Systems and
10 – Pre-School Management Systems.

I spent around 20+ years of working with Oracle. I established a software development company named Noors Technology. I established TrainerBD.com where I started to teach Oracle Technology. Then I thought of giving Online Oracle Technology Training to the people around the world. I developed this site to give the most easiest method of giving Online Training around the world.

TrainerBD.com is the complete social and voluntary Organization to give Training on Software Development and Database Administration. No Technical knowledge or experience in any Programming Language necessary. Any person majoring in Science, Arts or Commerce can learn. Later I developed another E-Learning Platform named OraDemy E-Learning. I teach Oracle Apex in OraDemy E-Learning Platform.

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