Web Application Development with PHP with Laravel

PHP with Laravel Training for Beginners with Real World Project.

We offer in-depth real world project based Laravel Training In Bangladesh. TrainerBD.com offers the most affordable and professional training on Laravel Framework In Bangladesh. If you want to build your career in Web Development should learn Laravel from TrainerBD.com which is the best in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Now a days most of the large scale, robust web application are developed with Laravel, and Laravel Training In Bangladesh is getting popularity.

Why Laravel ?

Laravel is an open source PHP based web application framework based on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. We can build dynamic websites, high quality web applications, E-commerce site and quality software. On the latest survey, Laravel is more popular than Phalcon, symphony, CodeIgniter and others.

Why TrainerBD.com ?

We provide professional specialized training in Laravel. Our mission is to help people learning awesome website with laravel. In this course you can revise your web skill in PHP and learn Laravel. On the other hand, the course is entirely Project Based.


Basic knowledge of writing web applications in PHP.

Course Contents in Brief :

  1. Topics 01:
    • What is composer?
    • Introduction to Laravel
    • Setup Laravel
    • Create first route.

Topics 02:

  • Blade template and create layouts
  • Show views through controller
  • Routing

Topics 03:

  • MySQL database
  • Introduction to eloquent ORM
  • Introduction DB builders

Topics 04:

  • Database design and create migration
  • Signup
  • Sign in and logout

Topics 05:

  • Validation and error handle
  • What is middleware?
  • Using middleware

Topics 06:

  • Home page design using bootstrap
  • Create post
  • Show posts

Topics 07:

  • User profile design
  • Show own data in profile
  • Show own posts for specific user

Topics 08:

  • Edit own posts
  • Update post
  • Delete posts

Topics 09:

  • Post word count
  • See more button
  • Single page post

Topics 10:

  • Edit and update from home page
  • Create forgot password design
  • Update password

Topics 11:

  • Database table update
  • Seeding data
  • Basic security

Topics 12:

  • Question and answer