Microsoft Excel Crash Course

About Workshop:
Microsoft Excel is one of today’s most powerful and multipurpose business tools. But if you are not aware with its effective/ wonderful functions, formulas, commands and keystrokes, you are setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment. The training will show you how to turn Excel into your most impressive productivity partner form 9AM to 5PM. You’ll learn many useful Excel tips to help your everyday works faster, smarter and savvier than ever before!

Course Description:
This Excel training gives you strong fundamentals to build on. You’ll learn how to use your data and produce spreadsheets that communicate better and really get attention. You’ll discover useful Excel tips by professionals for brilliant, distinctive output every time, on every worksheet.

Learning Outcomes:
Expert use of Excel will save a lot of time. That time adds up to extra time for your more enjoyable activities. In addition, your colleagues and supervisors will notify that you are efficient and can produce professional looking reports that impresses. This course will take you straight into a simple set of efficiency rules that will lead you towards Excel excellence.

Training Methodology:
Interactive with trainer-trainees. Assessments to measure existing knowledge and deficiencies. Positive impact on works giving users real hands-on experience. Engaging – interesting Fun and learn. Easy to understand. Practical case studies. Group discussions and exercises. Motivational video clips. Management level problem solving games.

Who can Attend:
Attentive participants should have minimum work experience with Microsoft Excel. Logical thinking and essential data processing skills are important to effectively complete the endings of the course.

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Course Content:

What Excel can do
Superiority or excellence of Excel
Specifications and Limitations
Type of operators
Sequence of mathematical operations
Smart use of reference system in Excel
Make your spreadsheet Eye catching

Convert text to your preferred case
Write Address in single cell professionally
Join multiple cell values
Join a range of cell in one cell
Extract your required portion of text
Segregate cell value into multiple cells
When Excel cannot read dates
Using of Go To Command
Define cells in your own style
Put appropriate values in all empty cells in one stroke
Maintain serials when data is filtered or partly hidden
Change all similar content or styles in a single click
Get rid of unnecessary spaces and symbols

Count your write-ups or your desired item
Avoid counting duplicate data
What are AND, OR, IF Function
Simple tips for developing complex formula
Combine Rows or Columns for quick Expand (Unhide) or Collapse (Hide)
Get results of portion you are seeing
Hide cell values when formula returns error

Make your referencing parts visible all the time
Organize open workbooks to get easy access
Muti-level viewing

Sort columns in the way you want
Screen data depending on data properties
When you need not to copy hidden cells
Extract Unique Records

Auto format when data meets your demand
Multiple conditional formatting using formula

Is using Table your best option?
Toggle between Table and Range
Table Formatting & Styling

Allow preselected values only for cell inputs
Allow only valid Numbers or Date input in a cell
Do you want to allow wrong entries?
Avoid Red Mark of Comments by validation tooltips

Do you know, you are using LOOKUP functions, every day in your office?
Small ignorance can create great mistakes: 4 must rules of LOOKUP

Charting Lessons from Optical Illusions
Working with Chart Components
How to select perfect chart type for your data
Creating A Self Expanding-Dynamic Chart
Combination chart
Take control all of your chart size

Play with your Report Layouts by using Pivot Table
Querying large amounts of data in many user-friendly ways
Combine Dates by Month, Year, Quarter and Days
Show Data as Percent of Total
Expanding and collapsing levels of data to focus your results
How many pivots do you need from a single data source
Working with Pivot Table Slicer
Working with dynamic Pivot Charts
Convert a PivotChart report to a standard chart
Presenting concise, attractive, and annotated online or printed reports